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Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination

The target group is companies who are developing software and who are interested in the identification and systematic improvement of their process quality. The companies customers expect reliable products (software/hardware) for the support of own business activities and that the companies processes complies with appropriate standards. The requirements of ISO 15504 refer to relevant processes with respective level of maturity and the process embedding including interfaces into cycles of improvement.

An assessment of process maturity according to ISO 15504 also suits for suppliers of companies who are purchasing soft- and/or hardware. The automotive industry prefer to use this kind of assessments to improve systematically the quality of delivered software and their functional assurance in connection with hardware components. Inter-trade organizations (e.g. VDA) agreed on SPICE. The selection of processes provided by ISO 15504 can be done individually. With regard to supplier assessments e.g. the “Manufacturer Initiative Software” in the automotive industry agreed on 15 processes. Sectoral assessment models can be included.


  • Planned and systematic procedure referring to the development, production and improvement of soft- and hardware
  • Agreed and clearly defined processes reduces risks, reduces non-conformity costs, allows a (part-)process-outsourcing and enhances EBIT
  • Crosslinking of processes within a management system with cycles of improvement
  • Specific process improvement by considering the best practices of the assessment model and by the individual selection of processes
  • The process maturity of supplier assessments is transparent for customers