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On January 29, 2004 DQS was appointed as a Registered Certification Body (RCB) for BS 15000 by the IT Service Management Forum itSMF. This makes DQS one of only four certification bodies worldwide that are accredited for IT Service Management's most important standards.

Founded as a supplier and product independent association in 1991, British-based itSMF is now comprised of more than 1000 companies and organizations that maintain and promote an exchange of experience between IT service providers. One major focus is the advancement and further development of the de facto standard ITIL that was first introduced at the end of the eighties. ItSMF also helps to create the basic principles for the professional training in the IT service management sector.

IT service management becomes increasingly important as the use of information technology in economic and public administration increases. The existence of most companies wouldn't be possible without a functioning IT infrastructure. Short system failures can lead to heavy financial losses. An efficient and effective ITSM leads to customized IT infrastructures based on the requirements of the business, its users and the standardization of processes and methods.

BS 15000, a new standard for Service management in Information Technology was introduced in November 2000. The standard addresses IT service management providers as well as business sectors that outsource IT services that manage them independently.