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Avaliamos a segurança da informação

Data Privacy Audit

Compliance with legal and customized requirements for data privacy

Private sector enterprises have surpassed institutions under public law with respect to data collection. The high degree of individualization of customer data allows for focused marketing and sales activities. But what seems to be quite logical from a business point of view is reason for customers to be concerned about whether or not their data is being handled according to current legal requirements.

The DQS quality mark “Data Privacy” reinforces customer confidence. It focuses on the secure handling of an organization’s personal data. The data privacy audit takes into account legal requirements and is suitable for all organizations involved in handling and processing personal data, in the private sector under public law.


  • Demonstrated adherence to legal data privacy requirements
  • Quality mark issued by an external, neutral body
  • Inspires confidence among interested parties
  • Competitive advantage and positive image
Data Privacy PLUS

what is unique to Data Privacy PLUS is a logical supplement to the data privacy audit. Its aim is to introduce a system that will establish data privacy as an integral part of a management system. The approach is based on the relevant chapters of the ISO 27001 standard.

Benefits of Data Privacy PLUS

  • Identification and minimization of corresponding risks
  • Systematic integration of data privacy into (business) processes
  • Corrective, preventive, and improvement measures
  • Quality management processes and information security requirements
  • Preparation for the implementation of an information security management system according to ISO 27001