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Personal Process Assessment PPA

PPA® (Personal Process Assessment) is an integrated method for validation of personnel management quality.

PPA® addresses to companies with modern management philosophy where personnel executive committees and – leaders are based on partnership with finance, production and IT. Based on the “Heidelberger ProzessModell des Personalmanagement H(PM) 2® the organizations “Personal Management Processes” are captured systematically and significant chances for improvement are pointed out.


The organizations first step is a self evaluation planned and instructed by experts (PPA-graduates). The analysis of the current situation is presented to the company showing contradictions and gaps as well as strengths. Then further measures can be deviated.

Second step is the evaluation of the company by experts. By means of selected activities the personnel management is analyzed from view of interested parties. The results of self evaluation and evaluation by experts are
adjusted. The target is to define improvement processes with regard to personal management in common and to enhance personal management to value driver as well as strategic factor.

The target is to define improvement processes and to enhance personal management as value driver and strategic factor.

Heidelberger Process-Model of Personal Management H(PM)2 ®.
Developed from Ideas for Systems, Heidelberg.